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At CATIC Exchange, we handle every 1031 like-kind exchange in a professional manner and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service that has become synonymous with the CATIC Family of Companies.

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What You Need to Know - 1031 Exchange Basics

Learn the basics of how a 1031 Exchange works.


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A Step-By-Step Analysis of a 1031 Exchange

The breakdown on how a 1031 Exchange works.


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Different Types of Exchanges

Understand the differences between the four different types of 1031 Exchanges.


Nationwide 1031 Exchanges

CATIC Exchange provides comprehensive 1031 services, solutions, and support NATIONWIDE. A properly structured 1031 Exchange allows an investor to sell property, to reinvest the proceeds into a new property and defer ALL Capital Gains Taxes! A 1031 Exchange not only safeguards your profits but also capitalizes on your growth opportunity. Having completed thousands of transactions in 46 states and backed by a national underwriter CATIC, we offer complete trust, experience, and security. 

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With our nationwide reach, individuals and businesses can access our specialized 1031 services, irrespective of their location, ensuring that they can capitalize on the benefits of 1031 Exchanges to achieve their financial goals and secure their financial future!

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