Wire Fraud

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Wire Fraud Is Costing The Real Estate & Finance Sectors Billions Of Dollars.

The reality of losing money because of criminal activity can hit very close to home when it is your clients’ money that is lost or it is your law firm that transfers the funds into the fraudulent account.

At CATIC Exchange, we're passionately committed to safeguarding your digital world. Our proactive defense strategy is designed with your security in mind, featuring state-of-the-art endpoint protection, seamless automated patching, and robust multi-factor authentication. We empower our users through interactive security awareness training, and our advanced password management ensures the use of complex, unique passphrases. Together, we stand vigilant against cyber threats, because your peace of mind is our top priority.

The financial repercussions from these criminal activities are instantly significant, especially when clients' assets are affected or when a law firm inadvertently sends funds to fraudulent accounts.


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Wire Fraud

Do You Know How To Recognize Them?

Email Bomb


Fraudsters pose as a legitimate business and send an e-mail containing a link or an attachment to someone involved in the transaction, such as the attorney, paralegal or real estate agent.  

Suspicious Links


Within those e-mails, the fraudster urges the recipient to click on the link in order to retrieve documents that they think are part of their closing.

Wire Instructions


At a critical point, fraudsters know when to send an e-mail with wiring instructions AND call to confirm the receipt of the instructions. 

Fax Fraud Instructions

If your email has been compromised, the Fraudster can send you bogus wiring instructions via your e-fax number, as people are likely to not expect something fraudulent coming from a fax number or the Fraudster may pose as a lender and send you a fake mortgage payoff instruction by regular fax or by e-fax.

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